Madrid Games Week 2018 Team

Madrid Games Week 2018

A year ago, when we visited Madrid Gaming Experience 2017, we still hadn’t finished Mono Coco, and when we went out, we knew we wanted to make more games.

This weekend, David and I returned to visit the Madrid video game show, this time accompanied by Alfonso, who joined the team this year (He is the imposing gentleman in the middle) and with the absence of Eric, who has also joined our project but unfortunately had business to attend in Barcelona.

Madrid Games Week 2018

The illusion was evident. It’s true that we had nothing to show at the show, we’re still far way from that, but this time we wore t-shirts!

We are not a common studio. Unfortunately we can not dedicate ourselves to it full time, but within our limitations and lack of experience, we engaged in conversations with several indies studies that there exposed the fruit of their efforts. And it is to emphasize, not only his commendable work, but the excellent predisposition of all to offer to help as much as possible to four videogames madmen that try to achieve something.

Madrid Games Week 2018 Indies

We learned a lot from each conversation, and from the experience itself, and no doubt we left with renewed courage to move forward.

Our current project is taking shape and I hope that we will soon be able to share our progress. Although our tempos, for the moment, are slower than desirable, our illusion remains intact.

We hope to see you next year!

Ikigai project

¡Ya estamos de vuelta!

Hemos estado un tiempo callados, pero no estábamos parados. Ikigai es el nombre en clave de nuestro nuevo proyecto, un juego que pretende ser mucho más ambicioso que nuestro estreno con Mono Coco.

Y para poder llevarlo a cabo nuevos omnimonkeys se han unido a nuestra causa. Desde ya, Alfonso, Eric y Sara están manos a la obra sacándole brillo a esas portentosas cabecitas para hacer de Ikigai Project algo muy especial que esperamos os guste.

We’re back!
We’ve been quiet for a while, but we weren’t standing. Ikigai is the key name of our new project, a game that pretends to be much more ambitious than our debut with Mono Coco.

And in order to carry it out new Omnimonkeys have joined our cause. From now on, Alfonso, Eric and Sara are getting to work taking shine to those prodigious little heads to make Ikigai Project something very special that we hope you like.

Mono Coco ya disponible en Android / Mono Coco is available for Android

Algo menos de un mes después de lanzar nuestro primer juego para Windows 10 y Windows 10 mobile, por fin podemos anunciaros que ¡Mono Coco ya está disponible para Android!

Han sido unas semanas de bastante follón y desconcierto, puesto que es la primera vez que publicamos algo en Android, pero al final hemos conseguido resolver todos los inconvenientes que iban surgiendo y ya estamos en el sistema operativo móvil más extendido, y eso siempre es una gran noticia.

Esperamos que Mono Coco guste a los amantes del androide verde y que se diviertan durante horas lanzando cocos a esos endiablados niños con bigote…

¡Corred a descargarlo desde la Play Store!

Disponible en Google Play

Something less than a month after launching our first game for Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile, finally we can announce that Mono Coco is now available for Android!

It has been a few weeks of quite a mess and bewilderment, since it is the first time we published something on Android, but in the end we managed to solve all the inconvenience that arose and we are in the most widespread mobile operating system, and that always That’s great news.

We hope that Coco Monkey likes green Android lovers and have fun for hours throwing coconuts to those deviled children with mustache…

Run to download it from the Play Store!

Disponible en Google Play

Madrid Gaming Experience 2017

Este viernes estuvimos en la Madrid Gaming Experience 2017, aunque de momento me temo que no exponiendo, sino visitando todo lo que nos ofrecía.

Vimos y probamos muchos juegos de grandes compañías, así como gran material indie. Algunos son verdaderas joyas con un gran trabajo detrás, lo que nos motivó muchísimo para seguir adelante.

Mono Coco en MGE 2017

Nada más salir del recinto por la noche, nuestras pequeñas cabecitas ya estaban dando vueltas a mil y una ideas, algunas más descabelladas que otras, para nuestro siguiente trabajo una vez finalizado Mono Coco.

Así que permaneced atentos porque ¡salimos con muchas ganas!